Giro d’Italia: ‘Lance Armstrong Is Not Welcome’

The organizers of the Giro d’Italia respond to news that Lance Armstrong is in view of broadcasting his podcast from the Italian Grand Tour opening stages of the in May 2018.

At the 2018 Giro d’Italia, Lance Armstrong is not welcome to podcast after facing the career of doping as well as a lifetime ban for the same, says race organizer RCS Sport.
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America Increases Biking Infrastructure

Cycling infrastructure has led to crash rate decrease by about 75 percent in US cities.

Research has shown that ten cities across the US have noted less fatalities and injuries suffered by cyclists due to presence of proper infrastructure. Even though US have a lot of work to do when it comes to encouraging bike commuting, it has been working on cycling infrastructure and the results are already showing. This was part of a study that was published recently by American Journal of Public Health. This study has been well timed as the National Bike to Work week starts off across the country from May 15th to 19th. In the study experts in urban affairs and planning were interviewed who stated that improved infrastructure as well as technology which certainly help reduces serious injuries and traffic fatalities and their rates to a large extent.

The study indicates that the majority of US roads lack the infrastructure for encouraging cycling. The cycling routes that do exist are not designed well enough to connect to major networks and cross sections as well as are poorly maintained. Injury rates and fatalities in this country are higher as compared to countries that have better infrastructure for cyclists such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

The research points out to the improvements that have been made in cities like Portland and Philadelphia as well as eight others where bikeways have been improved to decrease rates of fatalities and risks of injuries or accidents. What are being increased are protected lanes for cyclists that are separated for the cyclists from the main traffic by raising curbs or with concrete barriers. The trend of increasing cycling infrastructure has also risen in cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Chicago. It is hoped that this will lead to more cycling activities among Americans.


The investigation of the UK anti-doping organization into the accusation of wrongdoing at team sky and team sky team is ongoing. The UKAD has however decided to withdraw the original plans of releasing a statement about the progress of the investigation.

The anti-doping organization had planned to release a statement before the end of the week in an effort to keep the media up to date on their progress in the investigation. However, it seems as though the statement release has been postponed ahead of the parliamentary inquiry into doping to be held on Monday where Dave Brailsford, British cycling chair Bob Howden and Shane Sutton are slated to appear and answer some questions from the British MPs as a part of sport committee and culture media.

The appearance of these dignitaries of cycling at the committee has absolutely nothing to do with the conclusion of UKAD’s investigation or their decision to postpone the release of an update about the ongoing investigation. According to the organization:

“We never fully committed to it(providing an update on the investigation). But we said that if we were going to say something then it would be before Christmas.”

A spokesperson for the UKAD had said in an interview with Cycling News:

“There has now been a change of plans and it comes down to the investigation. Basically, we are not allowed to say anything yet without it being detrimental to the investigation.”

He reiterated that the investigation was still ongoing and when the time was right, the Body will make a statement. The crux of the investigation was to look into the situation surrounding a mystery package that was sent to team sky from the British cycling head quarters in Manchester England.

The ongoing investigation was also setup to explore the allegations made by Jonathan Tiernan Locke – a former member of team sky – who claimed that tramadol was being offered by the team to the British cycling team.


Many Belgians might find it offensive that Greg Van Avermaet feels that a gold medal in the Olympic is bigger than a win at the Tour of Flanders.

The BCM rider had earlier won a gold medal at the Olympic Games at Rio, taking the victory in the men’s road race. Although he is born and bred Flandrien, he still feels that winning a gold medal at the Olympic is more important to him than a victory at the Tour of Flanders.

“Would I swap my Olympic win for a Tour of Flanders win? No way! People in cycling need to realize that the Olympics are the biggest event in sport. There’s nothing bigger than that. A lot of people in cycling think that the World Championships are more important, but it’s very different.”

The Olympic champion explained the reason for his claims to his teammates, at their pre-season training camp he say, ‘the Olympics are simply more popular then any other world championship.’

Van Avermaet became famous shortly after he won the Olympic gold medal, and though the Belgian has no Tour of Flanders title to his name, he appears to be focusing on winning the title in the next season. He pointed out that, his victory at the Olympic had made him a celebrity, as people’s attitude towards him had noticeable changed.

“Belgium is an amazing cycling country, but sometimes when you go out with your family or go shopping then it can be hard when everyone is always stopping you.

“I’ve noticed a big change since the Olympics, there are more and more people coming up to me, but it’s all part of the job,” he added.

With Philippe Gilbert moving on to Quick-Step Floors, Van Avermaet could have the chance to participate in more races. He revealed that his aspirations for the next season are to compete at the Ardennes Classics, winning the Tour of Flanders, and going to Amstel to ride for himself.

Mathew Hayman reveals that good people can end first

Paris-Roubaix triumph of Mathew Hayman would be treasured by Aussie cycling as much as Cadel Evans becoming the Tour de France champion.

This did not take him 3 weeks to win this but instead fifteen painful and long; and sometimes heartbreaking years.

This would be treasured because of the out-and-out fairytale of it all that triggered one Orica-GreenEDGE official of the team to declare on Sunday evening that there is a cycling god.

Following all the muck, this sport has hauled itself through in the last 5 years there has also been lot of good. The thirty seven year old once denied to give up on his childhood dreams and he finally won the 257km “monument” and this is one of his best. This must and would restore everyone’s faith in what is a beautiful sport and offer that nice people sometimes win.

After the race, Hayman told that he still could not believe that. If someone had told him earlier that he would win Paris-Roubaix, he would not believed them. He has had enough bad luck in Paris-Roubaix in the past fifteen years, everything went right that day. This was a huge race for him.

There are many layers that would make his win very special. He is now in his seventeenth year as a pro. A few days from now, he would turn 38 and probably call it a day at the end of the season.

Marin county starts begins cycling speed enforcement program

The park officials of Marin County introduced a new bicycle speed control curriculum on open space roads this week, stationing 2 staffers with radar-type devices in places that have rendered public safety charges.

Officials waffled to qualify the move as a clamp down, choosing instead to call it a pilot event that initially would be targeted at educating trail users.

County parks assistant director Max Korten told that they want to assemble data, educate users and hopefully gain a useful tool. Through the Road and Trail Management Plan there are a number of suggestions to open trail alliances to bikes that have triggered safety concerns among a few neighbors and preserve visitors regarding the speed of bikes on the trails.

This is very important that as they consider enforcing some of these proposals; they have a tool to address this possible issue.

Korten tagged the event as a pilot effort, stating officials that does not have good data about how often speeding is taking place on open space trails and they have not used this tech on open space roads and trails in the past.

Violators would be given warnings first, but references might be issued at a few point reckoning on circumstances. Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s offroad director told that he welcomed the new educational program of the county. The whole focus is on education. The program is like a go slow and hello attempt by a coalition of trail users that includes hikers, cyclists and others.

Wiggo Beats Viral Attack To Triumph At First Time-Trial With Rainbow Jersey

Great news for the fans of Bradley Wiggins- the 2012 Tour France champion won his 1st time-trial with rainbow jersey at the esteemed race of 3 Days of De Panne hosted at Belgium.

The brave heart braved a serious viral attack & antibiotics and pleased everybody once again with a spectacular victory.

The Sky leader fell ill after his race in Paris-Nice & doctors thought that the champion is down with shingles. He had to go through series of antibiotics and skip E3 Harelbeke & nothing could stop him from getting back to the top.

The Belgian race saw him back in his winning stature once again when he triumphed the 14.2km time-trial race in the De Panne coast. It marked Wiggo’s 1st victory this season since winning worlds at Spain last September & would be his final prime time-trial competition in rainbow stripes.

The victory peps him up in full glory as he is looking forward to Flanders Tour this April & Paris-Roubaix which is scheduled for next Sunday & would be his final race with team Sky.

“I was tad sick in the initial days of the last week”, stated the 2012 Tour France champion. “I thought that I am down with shingles. Thus, I had to skip E3 Harelbeke & I was highly into antibiotics. I was not feeling quite well on Sunday yet I feel that I have ridden in it during the past few days. But at present, I am certainly back on the track.”

Sir Wiggins won De Panne 2015 time trial championship by ten seconds over BMC Racing’s Stefan Kung and that was sufficient to get him to 3rd overall.

The 3-day stage racing included one split stage at the finale that was won by Alexander Kristoff from Katusha.

Podium finish for Tyler Farrar

Sun tour by Farrar for the Herald won him yet another finish at the podium.

He took the second position from Michelton Winery till Nagambie which was a 147 km ride. Quick across the line was Caleb Evan from Australia however in the lead was Cameron Meyer. The break was quick and quite clear.

3 minutes lead helped the group of six to reach on the wet roads. At the front of the peloton, Nic Dougall and Songezo Jim showed the stripes. The chase was important.

The key for Tyler was the lead taken by Matt Goss. The sport director commented that the performance of the team was splendid. The power put by Nic was commendable and then it was left for Matt Goss to tow the line for Farrar.

The team got a new podium. In the break of the day he was there in the three. After the racing of 40 km, Michael Cumming and Will Clarke joined Farrar. Nervousness was reflected in the in the bunch for giving a tough fight to the trio. The extreme aggressive rider prize went to Tyler as he exploited the break that he got.

During the first hour of racing there were attacks and the riders had every chance to be in the move. The prologue was won by Tyler along with Clarke. For three minutes, Greenedge let the riders go. Tyler Farrar tried to win every point with his move which showed his perseverance. For the African team however, Tyler was able to make up for the selection at front. All was going smooth for him just when there was a crash and things changed. He lost the position due to disruption and which made him lose up the place of finale without even making the cut for it. Things are not going the way it should be way for him.

Alberto Contador To Focus On Tour de France and Giro d’Italia

Alberto Contador (Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank) is all ready to focus on both Tour de France and Giro d’Italia next cycling season. Bjarne Riis (Team Saxo Bank-Tinkoff Bank’s manager) has recently revealed that Contador wants to win both the grand tours in 2015.

The 2014 Vuelta a Espana was won by Alberto Contador. Contador had also been a part of the other two grand tours namely- Giro d’Italia and Tour de France in the year 2011. He had won Giro d’Italia but then in the Tour de France 2011 his performance was not up to the mark and he stood fifth in the overall standings.

Results related to both 2011 Giro d’Italia and 2011 Tour de France were declared to be void after Contador was charged of a serious doping offence. According to Bjarne Riis, Contador is again going to attempt to win both the tours next season.
Riis said that the team needs to win at least one grand tour and it either has to be Giro or Tour de France. But Contador is aiming to win both of them together.

Bjarne Riis is of the opinion that Contador requires a challenge that will truly motivate him. The team obviously needs cyclists who can challenge themselves continuously and make themselves better. Alberto Contador is one such rider who has dared to take such a bold decision of competing in two grand tours in the same cycling season.

Alberto Contador had to withdraw from the 2014 Tour de France because of a heavy crash. Chris Froome (Team Sky) also had to abandon the tour due to a severe crash. In the absence of Contador and Froome, Vincenzo Nibali (Team Astana) was able to win the 2014 Tour de France.

Along with Alberto Contador, Chris Froome is also focusing most of his attention to Tour de France 2015.

Hour Record Will Be Set By Bradley Wiggins

Ole Ritter who holds the hour record formerly presumes that Bradley Wiggins will set the record that is going to be iconic with the 55 kilometre mark.

A distance will be set by him that he is going to follow. The challenge which is going to undertake is called as the track challenge. It will prove that his rivals will not be able to undertake the challenge if he completes it successfully.

A triallist of his time, Ritter has track record in his name of the 1968 called the Hour Record. He talked about the Hour Record which he is famously completed during his time. He has challenged all those who want to compete for the record which is currently being held by Bradley. He states that Wiggins will complete it first so all those who want to do it before him should give a try. According to him, Wiggins has got a good track record.

It was asked to him about the timing which Wiggins will take to complete the race and he stated that by an hour it should be over. In fact he points out that when he rides average he is better than Bradley and Voigt so if his speed increases he will be the best. In the time trial championship it was seen that Wiggins did beat Bradley by 3 minutes and 39 seconds. He is on a special training and if he continues the same way there is no stopping him.

He has got a great technique which will be advantageous for him to be successful in the event. So the barrier of 55 kilometres looks like a cakewalk for Wiggins unless some special entry and performance is made by any other rider. No other rider seems to be capable of such a feat.