Tyler Farrar predicts tough day

Tyler Farrar tells that he is anticipating a tough racing day as the level 6 of Giro d’Italia 2012 delves into the Apennines, along with the notorious steep Montelupone mount – fifty-three kms from end – the possible flashpoint.

While speaking to Cyclingnews, Tyler Farrar told that they do not go up the hardest part but still this is Montelupone, where there is no easy side. He thinks that this is going to be game on. From there, they will go to Montegranaro and Santa Lucia. It is a very hard level.

Garmin-Barracuda are bunking a dual strategy along with Hesjedal for overall long-run as well as with Narvardauskas in pink. It is expected that he will have the legs this day, but this is quite a tough level. Tyler was cast off on the last climb of yesterday’s level to Fano, missing all scope of aiming the pink jersey. This was a level he was departing for, but he had an offday. He was surprised on mounts, but this is really not an excuse.

Questioned whether team time trial as well as going all out for Garmin’s win might have had an impression, Tyler answered that he does not think that. Team time trial is very tough, but all had to do it. Expectedly he will have better legs this day.

The American tells that he does not have a tough start to Giro, yesterday. Still, he will have few more scopes even there are a few more mountain levels.