Victoria Pendleton in Focus

Victoria Pendleton is one of the best cyclists of all times, and is currently retired. She is of English origins, and her specialisation was in the sprint disciplines. She has raced for both England and Great Britain in many competitions, and has won a total of nine world titles, and has even a record for winning six in the individual sprint competition. In the sprint category, she is the reigning world champion, and she is also a former Commonwealth, European and Olympic champion.

Victoria Pendleton made the news recently, when she admitted that she felt a bit disappointed when she came to know that fellow Team GB cyclists Jason Kenny and Laura Trott managed to have a successful relationship, while she was vilified when she did the same. There was huge uproar in the sporting community when it was discovered that Victoria Pendleton was having a relationship with Scott Gardner, who was her coach. There was so much furore that he was eventually forced to resign from his post, and Victoria Pendleton on the other hand was treated like an outcast, and was looked down upon by both her management and teammates. What bothered Victoria Pendleton was that when the same thing happened to Laura Trott and Jason Kenny, there was no such trouble for them, even they quite publicly displayed their feelings of affection for each other during the London Olympics of 2012.

According to Victoria Pendleton, she might have carried on with her cycling career if her relationship with her coach had not caused so much trouble for her. She stated that there were times when she really hated going to work, because of certain people and their vindictiveness, and that she did not commit any crime when she fell in love with Coach Scott Gardner.