Victoria Pendleton to enter Strictly Come Dancing

The Olympic gold medalist cyclist Victoria Pendleton is all set to go back to her “rider instinct” as she is to enter the dance stage with a flying bike in its next episode. It is reported that she will be riding on a BMX while entering the stage on Wembley Arena. She will be featuring in a red, white and blue outfit when she comes in front of the audience this weekend.

Pendleton along with her professional counterpart Brendon Cole will be performing a paso doble to the Queen hit Bicycle race. The theme of the show is “dancing through the decade’ and it will also feature Victoria Pendleton’s fellow Olympian Louis Smith. Earlier Pendleton accepted the fact that it was becoming difficult for her to remember all those steps when she entered the stage. Now it seems that she is enjoying every bit of it.

Earlier when she was asked about her experience about the show Victoria Pendleton told that she was having a lot of problems while dancing for the first time in front of the judges like Craig Ravel Horwood, Bruno Tonioli, Dercy Bussell and Len Goodman. She also said that her feet were in pain but the thing which mainly made her suffer was remembering the steps and movements along with the timing. She wondered how people do all these things at the same time.

Pendleton has two Olympic gold medals under her belt and she said that cycling wass far easier than dancing. She said that she had practiced as an athlete hour after hour but that didn’t make her life troublesome. She rode on her bike and the rest just happened. But here at the show, she has to use her brain so much. She also told that when something went wrong while riding she managed it according to the situation. She didn’t need to plan something before the race started. But here she hasn’t got the opportunity to improvise on the stage.