Ashenden alleges Armstrong took Drugs for Comeback

Lance Armstrong’s recent demise due to drug abuse has shocked and saddened the world. The person who was the hero and idol for many had been allegedly taking drugs for years and had hoodwinked the entire association of professional cycling.

The US Anti Doping Agency finally managed to bring him down and all his Tour de France titles and Olympics medal was stripped off him and he has been banned from professional cycling for life. He is also facing multiple lawsuits.

Now the question which has been raised is whether he had taken the drugs during his comeback from 2009 to 2011 or not. Lance said in a public confession that when he made his comeback he had not been under the influence of any performance enhancement drugs. Lance Armstrong confessed to his drug abuse in detail at a recent Oprah Winfrey show.

Now, Ashenden, the anti doping specialist body is convinced that he was taking drugs during that time period as well according to the reports which they collected.

Ashenden used to provide biological passports and reports to UCI but gave its resignation last year. This recent allegation against Armstrong has raised a clash between UCI and the media with Ashenden. UCI president said that they have reviewed the case and have found Armstrong not guilty for doping during his comeback in 2009 to 2011 and Ashenden is deliberately trying to sway the media through groundless allegations. But Ashenden is reportedly adamant their charges.

UCI president also said that Ashenden has failed to properly review the data of 2009 and are missing out on big points. They also pointed out several loopholes in their charges and the reports they have submitted also seem to be having some discrepancies.