Hamilton Claimed Supply from Eufemiano Fuentes

Tyler Hamilton, the disgraced American cyclist has reported that it was Eufemiano Fuentes who supplied banned substances to him including EPO. Tyler made the claim while testifying at the trial of the infamous Spanish sports doctor, at Madrid.

Hamilton even revealed that it was Bjarne Riis, the present manager of Saxo-Tinkoff, who introduced the sprinter to Fuentes. Speaking through a video conference from Spanish Embassy, Washington, Tyler Hamilton gave a detailed description of the doping affairs the cyclist was involved in as Fuentes’ client.

“Yeah, he gave me the calendar with schedule on races and also a schedule on the timing and type of performance-enhancing drugs. If I could remember right, Fuentes gave me the EPO”, Hamilton testified before the Madrid court.

Added to the previous statement, the former American rider detailed, “He offered EPO, insulin, growth hormone and testosteronep; I feel that is it. My greatest fear was that something such as this (trial) might happen”. As per the cyclist’s confessions on his doping charges, the rider paid nearly 25,000- 30,000 euros (S$41,300), for services in the year 2002 & 2003. Moreover, he also agreed on paying up to 50,000 Euros for the 2004 services.

Tyler also reported, that when he was Fuentes’ client, some transfusions were taken up by others, like Alberto Leon, the ex Spanish rider who had zero medical training. He even claimed of some adverse reactions experienced from Fuentes’ treatments.

“I took to blood transfusion in 2004 July (during Tour de France) which gave me bad fever & I was sick. Around 30-40 minutes post the transfusion I found my urine black. I tried the insulin once; however, I didn’t quite like the feel. I had a strange sensation after using it and was sweating with elevated heart rate”, Hamilton added in while testifying at Fuentes’ trial in Madrid.