Longo back in the anti doping test pool

Though the 54 year old Jeannie Longo missed out on competing at the London Olympics, her spirit remains indomitable. Longo will still have to provide details about her whereabouts to the FFC (French Cycling Federation) and ALFD, the anti doping agency of France.

In the lead up to the London Olympics, Longo was unsuccessful in meeting the standards of a key qualification race and had to concede younger field during the trial. She finished in the 5th place at the trial and in the 12th place in the road race.

Longo, who have won 59 national titles till date, was devastated to be so far away from the mark and had gone on record saying that her Olympic dream was over. She, however, made it quite clear that she was not giving up though she was struggling to keep up with 20somthing riders like Marion Rousse and Pauline Ferrand Prevot at the time of the trial. She had said, “I think that retirement is wrong and therefore I have will re- launched myself in the spring. As long as there is life, there is hope”.

Meanwhile, the anti doping authorities of France, who are extremley keen to avoid all the technical aspects that lead to the dropping of Longo’s earlier whereabouts case, have made it very clear that the cycling start will need to provide to movement details to them.

A statement of the ALFD on the matter said that Longo was obliged to provide information related to her location. The ALFD came to this decision after a report of her failing to provide details regarding her whereabouts on previous occasions. The earlier case had to be dropped after it was found that the rider had not been notified about her inclusion in the out-of-competition test pool.
Longo’s next scheduled race is not known yet