Trott demands a second thought

While the women riders all over are petitioning hard for all women Tour de France, Brit Olympian Laura Trott feels a need for second thought on the petitions. The online petition for all Women Tour France was initiated by veteran cyclist Kathryn Bertine and has managed to pull up more than 85 thousand signatures till now. The petition has got backing from many elite female riders like Marianne Vos & Emma Pooley.

In a recent interview Trott stressed that albeit she supports the concept of Women Tour de France, she is not content with the petition demands that suggest that women’s event would cover the similar grueling distance & duration akin to that of men’s. “I do want to have the women’s Tour France, don’t take me wrong”, cleared the bright British Olympian. “But I feel the very way the proposal is being forwarded, I do not think that we have to sacrifice the races which we have already secured”. The twenty-one year old Olympic gold winner admitted that higher profile brings in more responsibility & in spite of a young age, Trott is ready to nurture the serious issues affecting female cycling.

“What I feel is that we must be grateful for whatever we currently have. After all, female cycling was always lot smaller in comparison to what it’s now”, stated Trott. “I simply feel that if these people go on pushing the petition, people won’t be able to finish the race. It will lead to rubbish where people will be finishing in ones & twos & by that time we would have lost out on other races since we would be having such a race. I feel a second thought is needed before the petition is forwarded finally”, Trott emphasized adding that she fears the constant petition on Women Tour France might result in losing out Giro Rosa.