Vinokourov believes

Alexander Vnokourov, the general manager of the cycling team Astana Pro has high hopes from the team this season and in a recent press conference he said that he has set some goals for the team to achieve and he is sure they will be able to achieve those by the end of the season. Astana Pro will have two new riders this season and they are Michele Scarponi from Italy and Lieuwe Westra from Netherlands.

The team members feels that the two new faces will bring lots of glory in the upcoming years and when the general manager was asked about what he was thinking about these two he said that he has given them full freedom to show what they are capable of. Since it will be their debut season they will be excited to perform and that is what is required from them. Both of the two riders were present when the official presentation was being done in Brescia, Italy and in that event the team confirmed that Scarponi and Westra would be a part of the final team this year.

In the press conference that followed just after the presentation the two riders were asked about their planning for the upcoming season. They both said that they are indebted to the team for having chosen them for the final team and they would be looking to prove themselves as the competition is very high in the team. They also said that Alexander Vnokourov was kind enough to give them the freedom and they would like to capitalize on that. It all depends on how the first season goes and they would have ample opportunity to prove themselves. The team members have stood by the side of the two new comers and they are sure that they would do well in this year and the decision of taking them would not be proved wrong.