Hour Record Will Be Set By Bradley Wiggins

Ole Ritter who holds the hour record formerly presumes that Bradley Wiggins will set the record that is going to be iconic with the 55 kilometre mark.

A distance will be set by him that he is going to follow. The challenge which is going to undertake is called as the track challenge. It will prove that his rivals will not be able to undertake the challenge if he completes it successfully.

A triallist of his time, Ritter has track record in his name of the 1968 called the Hour Record. He talked about the Hour Record which he is famously completed during his time. He has challenged all those who want to compete for the record which is currently being held by Bradley. He states that Wiggins will complete it first so all those who want to do it before him should give a try. According to him, Wiggins has got a good track record.

It was asked to him about the timing which Wiggins will take to complete the race and he stated that by an hour it should be over. In fact he points out that when he rides average he is better than Bradley and Voigt so if his speed increases he will be the best. In the time trial championship it was seen that Wiggins did beat Bradley by 3 minutes and 39 seconds. He is on a special training and if he continues the same way there is no stopping him.

He has got a great technique which will be advantageous for him to be successful in the event. So the barrier of 55 kilometres looks like a cakewalk for Wiggins unless some special entry and performance is made by any other rider. No other rider seems to be capable of such a feat.