Marin county starts begins cycling speed enforcement program

The park officials of Marin County introduced a new bicycle speed control curriculum on open space roads this week, stationing 2 staffers with radar-type devices in places that have rendered public safety charges.

Officials waffled to qualify the move as a clamp down, choosing instead to call it a pilot event that initially would be targeted at educating trail users.

County parks assistant director Max Korten told that they want to assemble data, educate users and hopefully gain a useful tool. Through the Road and Trail Management Plan there are a number of suggestions to open trail alliances to bikes that have triggered safety concerns among a few neighbors and preserve visitors regarding the speed of bikes on the trails.

This is very important that as they consider enforcing some of these proposals; they have a tool to address this possible issue.

Korten tagged the event as a pilot effort, stating officials that does not have good data about how often speeding is taking place on open space trails and they have not used this tech on open space roads and trails in the past.

Violators would be given warnings first, but references might be issued at a few point reckoning on circumstances. Marin County Bicycle Coalition’s offroad director told that he welcomed the new educational program of the county. The whole focus is on education. The program is like a go slow and hello attempt by a coalition of trail users that includes hikers, cyclists and others.