Podium finish for Tyler Farrar

Sun tour by Farrar for the Herald won him yet another finish at the podium.

He took the second position from Michelton Winery till Nagambie which was a 147 km ride. Quick across the line was Caleb Evan from Australia however in the lead was Cameron Meyer. The break was quick and quite clear.

3 minutes lead helped the group of six to reach on the wet roads. At the front of the peloton, Nic Dougall and Songezo Jim showed the stripes. The chase was important.

The key for Tyler was the lead taken by Matt Goss. The sport director commented that the performance of the team was splendid. The power put by Nic was commendable and then it was left for Matt Goss to tow the line for Farrar.

The team got a new podium. In the break of the day he was there in the three. After the racing of 40 km, Michael Cumming and Will Clarke joined Farrar. Nervousness was reflected in the in the bunch for giving a tough fight to the trio. The extreme aggressive rider prize went to Tyler as he exploited the break that he got.

During the first hour of racing there were attacks and the riders had every chance to be in the move. The prologue was won by Tyler along with Clarke. For three minutes, Greenedge let the riders go. Tyler Farrar tried to win every point with his move which showed his perseverance. For the African team however, Tyler was able to make up for the selection at front. All was going smooth for him just when there was a crash and things changed. He lost the position due to disruption and which made him lose up the place of finale without even making the cut for it. Things are not going the way it should be way for him.