Tour: City of Jerusalem

Experience the unique weekend atmosphere of the Holy City, explore its narrow winding streets and allies, listen to the fascinating stories that form Jerusalem’s impressive historic fabric and take in the panoramic views of the surrounding Judean Mountains.

As a sacred city to the three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – Jerusalem is a truly magical and unique place. Many fall in love with her, others are overwhelmed by her zealous inhabitants, but none stay immune to her alluring nature; an amalgamation of rock, blood, and spirit that has been pulsating for thousands of years to a beat all of her own.

Pleasantly biking through its numerous neighborhoods, each with its own particular culture and style, listening to fascinating stories about Old Jerusalem, feeling the Holy City’s mystical vibe come alive, is the only way to truly comprehend what Jerusalem, which usually eludes the site-seeing tourist, is all about.

Moreover, while many of the city’s streets and alleys are too narrow and tough to access by car (and finding parking is always a challenge), its vast size and hilly terrain make walking tours a rather difficult and time consuming experience. We consider biking to be the best form of transportation for those wishing to visit the city’s many historic sites and tourist attractions within a short period of time.

Places to visit:
– Neighborhood of Nachlaot
– The German Colony neighborhood
– Sherover Promenade
– Mishkanot Sha’nanim
– Jaffa Gate (Old City)
– The Russian Compound