The investigation of the UK anti-doping organization into the accusation of wrongdoing at team sky and team sky team is ongoing. The UKAD has however decided to withdraw the original plans of releasing a statement about the progress of the investigation.

The anti-doping organization had planned to release a statement before the end of the week in an effort to keep the media up to date on their progress in the investigation. However, it seems as though the statement release has been postponed ahead of the parliamentary inquiry into doping to be held on Monday where Dave Brailsford, British cycling chair Bob Howden and Shane Sutton are slated to appear and answer some questions from the British MPs as a part of sport committee and culture media.

The appearance of these dignitaries of cycling at the committee has absolutely nothing to do with the conclusion of UKAD’s investigation or their decision to postpone the release of an update about the ongoing investigation. According to the organization:

“We never fully committed to it(providing an update on the investigation). But we said that if we were going to say something then it would be before Christmas.”

A spokesperson for the UKAD had said in an interview with Cycling News:

“There has now been a change of plans and it comes down to the investigation. Basically, we are not allowed to say anything yet without it being detrimental to the investigation.”

He reiterated that the investigation was still ongoing and when the time was right, the Body will make a statement. The crux of the investigation was to look into the situation surrounding a mystery package that was sent to team sky from the British cycling head quarters in Manchester England.

The ongoing investigation was also setup to explore the allegations made by Jonathan Tiernan Locke – a former member of team sky – who claimed that tramadol was being offered by the team to the British cycling team.